Friends, colleagues and collaborators,

For eight years, Plural has had the great fortune of collaborating on a variety of amazing projects—from interactive books and experimental identity systems to experiential installations and animated web projects. We thank you and the entire Chicago design community for your support, energy and resources in helping us build our portfolio of work.

We are excited to begin a new chapter. Today we announce the launches of Studio Chew and Normal.

We look forward to new and inspiring collaborations in 2016 and beyond.


Jeremiah & Renata

Smartphone Symphony @ Comfort Station

Smartphone Symphony
is a participatory chance music performance enabled through viewers smartphones and web devices. Similar to Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ a set of instructions guide ‘performers’ through a series of audio loops, creating a unique soundscape. Originally performed as part of the ‘New Nature’ artist talk at Public Works Gallery.

part of The Post Family’s Curatorial Residency at Comfort Station

Thursday, March 20, 7-9pm
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 1.09.03 PM

STA Archive 13

Archive 13‘s judges: Dana Arnett, Marian Bantjes, Jon Forss, Michael Freimuth, and Kim Knoll selected Plural’s MDW Fair Identity, STA Archive12 Identity, Lumpen Magazine, and Volume Gallery catalogs to be part of Archive 13.

Exhibition Runs: Oct 1 – 31, 2013

Public Works: Artist Talk

In conjunction with Plural—New Nature, we will be hosting an artist lecture at Public Works Gallery on August 23, 2013 at 7:00pm.

Jeremiah Chiu, Renata Graw, and Alexa Viscius will briefly discuss the process of developing works for ‘New Nature’. The discussion will be followed by a participatory performance entitled Smartphone Symphony and live music performance. Visitors are encouraged to bring their smartphones.


New Nature @ Public Works Gallery

With New Nature, Plural explores our relationship to digital tools through a sequence of intimate interactions with electronic devices. Each installation challenges a different experience with technology, immersing the viewer in a narrative guided by the human senses. The gallery is lit only through the digital works themselves, transforming it into a liminal space between reality and the virtual world. These explorations allow us to step back and consider not only the content on the screen, or the sound of a conversation, but the electronic devices themselves. Altogether these installations immerse the viewer into a virtual reality; our new reality.

Opening Reception: Friday, 12 July 2013, 7-10pm
Exhibition Runs: July 12 – August 23, 2013

Re/View @ Chicago Design Museum

‘I never read, I just look at pictures’ – Andy Warhol

Re/View  is an exhibition of graphic design featuring Chicago-based designers. In conjunction with Work at Play, featuring Wolfgang Weingart, Michael C. Place, Marian Bantjes, and John Massey. Hosted by the Chicago Design Museum.

Opening Reception: June 1, 6-10pm
Exhibition Runs: June 1 – June 30, 2013

New Consequences @ On!

New Consequences is a web-based experiment in a similar vein to the Surrealist game ‘Exquisite Corpse’. Each participant uploads an image to the site which is then ‘assembled’ with the 2 previous participants images to create a new hybrid composition. The assemblage is created using HTML5 Canvas global composite operation ‘lighter’, causing the 3 images to overlap and add their color values.

New Conequences is part of the ON! exhibition at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center March 9 – September 13, 2013


Living Book @ Carrie Secrist Gallery

Living Book is a multi-media installation environment created by Plural and The Center For Book Technology. Living Book transforms the gallery space into an automated book production facility. Using custom-software, viewers in the space are captured in-real-time (every 60 seconds) from an overhead camera and projected onto the wall. Each capture is then printed onto single pages of a book in production. In addition, a keyboard allows viewers to author their own page(s), creating a spontaneous performance environment where a database of individual choices becomes a collective narrative.

Dec 14 – Jan 15, 2013

Daily Practice @ Salisbury University Art Galleries

Daily Practice is a week-long workshop an installation culminating in a month-long exhibition at Salisbury University Art Gallery. Over the past 4 years, Plural has evolved from a primarily print based studio to an experience based artistic practice, creating a range of work from touch sensitive business cards to fully immersive installation environments. In this exhibition, Plural brings together their body of work, evolving ideas, and ongoing experiments to the university gallery.The site-specific installation guides the audience through their process, a journey of experimentation.

Opening Reception: October 4, 5-8pm
Exhibition Runs: October 4 – November 1

New City Breakout Artist 2011

As part of New City’s ninth annual ‘Breakout Artists’ issue, Plural had the pleasure of receiving the selection of one of Chicago’s best emerging visual artists. Additionally, we were invited to participate in NEXT Fair / Art Chicago 2011 at the Merchandise Mart.

April 29 – May 2, 2011
Newcity copy

Power in Numbers @ Chicago Art Dept

Power In Numbers is an international poster exhibition showcasing the work of over forty contemporary designers, illustrators, and printmakers. Participating artists have been asked to create a poster exploring their perspectives on multiplicity, ubiquity, and collectivism in contemporary poster design.”

March 11 – April 11, 2011
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.17.25 PM

AIGA Design Week @ The Post Family

As part of the inaugural AIGA Chicago Design Week 2010, Plural participated in an exhibition at The Post Family, contributing an interactive installation, Scanroom—transforming a room into a room-sized scanner—and Balloona Lisa—a 483-balloon image of the Mona Lisa.

May 17 – 20, 2010

Vinyl & Sound Installation @ Whistler Storefront

The Whistler Storefront Installation is a site-specific interactive installation created for the Whistler Storefront Gallery. Using a microphone, the sound of the bar is captured and translated into the color spectrum. If sound activity is low, the resulting color will be dim and blue, as the sound activity rises through the evening, the color reflects the activity by traveling through the spectrum to a bright red, signaling high volume.

July 31 – August 31, 2009

Typeforce 1 @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

As part of the inaugural Typeforce exhibition, we contributed two pieces, Albers XL—a modular typographic system for large scale messaging—and SHOUT—an interactive sound installation activated by viewers’ shouts.