Friends, colleagues and collaborators,

For eight years, Plural has had the great fortune of collaborating on a variety of amazing projects—from interactive books and experimental identity systems to experiential installations and animated web projects. We thank you and the entire Chicago design community for your support, energy and resources in helping us build our portfolio of work.

We are excited to begin a new chapter. Today we announce the launches of Studio Chew and Normal.

We look forward to new and inspiring collaborations in 2016 and beyond.


Jeremiah & Renata

Smartphone Symphony @ Comfort Station

Smartphone Symphony
is a participatory chance music performance enabled through viewers smartphones and web devices. Similar to Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ a set of instructions guide ‘performers’ through a series of audio loops, creating a unique soundscape. Originally performed as part of the ‘New Nature’ artist talk at Public Works Gallery.

part of The Post Family’s Curatorial Residency at Comfort Station

Thursday, March 20, 7-9pm
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 1.09.03 PM