Friends, colleagues and collaborators,

For eight years, Plural has had the great fortune of collaborating on a variety of amazing projects—from interactive books and experimental identity systems to experiential installations and animated web projects. We thank you and the entire Chicago design community for your support, energy and resources in helping us build our portfolio of work.

We are excited to begin a new chapter. Today we announce the launches of Studio Chew and Normal.

We look forward to new and inspiring collaborations in 2016 and beyond.


Jeremiah & Renata

2014 →

INsite Catalog


Volume Gallery Website

AIGA Centennial Chair

Thaddeus Wolfe – Unsurfacing

Dar Embarks

Lumpen 121

Mas Context – Narrative


2013 →

Mash Tun Journal 04

Jonathan Muecke – Open Objects

Mas Context – Trace

Public Dialogue Exhibition

New Nature

Lumpen 120

I Never Read. I Just Look At Pictures.

Steelcase 360 issue 66

Arts + Public Life

Mash Tun Journal 03

Mas Context – Boundary

New Consequences


Lumpen 119

Climate of Uncertainty

2012 →

Mas Context – Production

Living Book

MDW Fair 2012

Daily Practice

Mas Context – Visibility

Mash Tun Journal 02

STA Archive12

Mas Context – Communication

Mash Tun Journal 01

Lumpen 118

Mash Tun Identity

Mies Poster

Temperature 2012

2011 →

Whistler Monthly

Lumpen 117

MDW Fair 2011

Mas Context Analog

Public Works 3 Poster

Lumpen 116


2010 →

Lumpen 115

Relax Attack Jazz Series

Backspace Gallery

Bradley University Posters


Balloona Lisa

AIGA Design Week 2010

Albers XL – Typeface

Lumpen 114


Volume Gallery

2009 →

Radar Eyes

Whistler Window Installation

Paper Worlds

Lumpen 113

The House Theatre